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Micromax / YU Repair & Service

RJP Electronics is most popular Smartphone Service center. *
We provide 'Out of Warranty' Micromax mobile repair services in
Makhla, Uttarpara.
Our All Technicians are More than 4 years experienced over Micromax mobile phone repair.
We are also specialist in Micromax software solution.

Some Successfully Repaired Models

Bolt, Canvas, Unite, Viva, ninja, Funbook (TAB)
A064 A065 A066 A067 A068 A069 A075 A082 A089 A091 A092 A093 A096
A24 A25 A26 A27 A28 A30 A34 A35 A36 A37 A37b A40 A44 A45 A46 A47 A50 A51 A52 A54 A55 A56 A57 A58 A59 A60 A61 A62 A63 A65 A66 A67 A68 A69 A70 A71 A72 A73 A74 A75 A76 A77 A78 A79 A80 A84 A85 A86 A87 A88 A89 A90 A90s A91 A92 A96 A99 A100 A101 A102 A104 A105 A106 A107 A108 A109 A110 A110Q A111 A113 A114 A114R A115 A116 A120 A190 A200 A255 A316 A350
AD3520 AD4500 AQ4501 AQ4502 AQ5000 AQ5001
D200 D303 D304 D320 D321
Q324 Q325 Q326 Q331 Q332 Q355 Q372 Q380 Q391 Q411 Q412 Q414 Q469 and many more…

YU Smartphones
Yunicorn, Yureka S, Yureka Note, Yutopia, Yunique, Yunique Plus, Yureka Plus, Yuphoria and more…

Micromax Smartphone

Software Solution

• Software update / Re-install
• Forgotten Pin / Pattern / Password Unlocking
• Virus Ad-ware Cleaning
• Dead Boot Resurrection

We are Experts in Micromax & YU Smartphone Software Repair.
Our Experienced Software Developer & Engineers are always updated about latest Software Issue & Virus Problems.

Road Direction: From Uttarpara Station to RJP Electronics (Total 2.3 km.)
Uttarpara Station to Makhla, Makaltala (Auto / Bus) > then Bahurupi Maath (5 min. walking Distance).



Head Office + Service Center
173/2 Makhla, Makaltala, (Near- Bahurupi Maath)
City: Uttarpara | Dist: Hooghly. | WB - 712245
Email: rjpelectronics@gmail.com
Customer Support: +91 94320 94320
Technical Support: +91 94322 18842
Service hours: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
( Thursday Closed )

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⚠ Important Notice

Read Carefully

Please Call ✆ 1860-500-8286 or click here for Authorized Micromax Support.
Call ✆ 1860-212-2122 or click here for Authorized YU Support.
* RJP ELECTRONICS doesn’t provide any 'In Warranty' services of Micromax Products. Also we are not connected with Authorized Micromax Care.
All used Micromax Logo & Pictures on this website are Property and Registered Trademarks of Respected Micromax Company, we used that for example porpoise only.