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Brands We Repair

Advanced Level Repair

Qualified Engineers & Hi-End Precision Equipments.

Genuine spare parts

We don’t compromise with spare parts quality.

Fast Repair Service

Maximum Repair works done within a hour.

90 to 180 Days Warranty

Replaced Parts carry 3 to 6 months warranty.

Mobile Phone Repair / service centre.

RJP ELECTRONICS is a 20 + years experienced professional mobile phone repair center near Uttarpara, West Bengal.
The best place to Fix your cell phone by trained professionals. We use high quality genuine / original spare parts for cell phone repairing. We use the same technical methods & tools to fix mobile phones that use authorized service centers. This is the best & nearest mobile phone repair center in Uttarpara, Makhla, Hindmotor, Bally, Dankuni, Konnagar city of West Bengal for original Display screen, mic, battery, speaker, receiver, charging connector replacement service of branded mobile phones.

Fix Mobile Phone Screen.

RJP ELECTRONICS is one of the best mobile phone repair centre in your city Uttarpara. We provides broken or damaged Display Screen ( LCD, Touch panel Glass ) replacement service. High quality generic or original both display screens for replacement are available in our shop. Also we provides camera glass, back glass, battery cover replacement service.

Original Battery for cellphone.

Battery is a vital parts in mobile phone, A damaged, mismatched or duplicate battery is not only doing performance issue also it's a safety issue for user.
We always advice mobile phone users for replace their cellphone batteries with an original or genuine certified battery.
RJP ELECTRONICS have own R&D-LAB and sophisticated tools for test the performance and safety of each and every individual cellphone battery.

Water Damaged Phone Repair Service.

Water or moistures are most dangerous enemy for your mobile phones. Be careful "water resistant" or "water repellent" phones are not fully water proof.
Mobile phones have very sophisticated active electronics components inside. One small droplet of raw water can easily damage it or short circuiting. The manufacturer warranty also void for any liquid logged phones.
Don’t worry RJP ELECTRONICS have Special machine, chemicals & techniques to recover water logged mobile handsets to its live condition. 99% chances of recovery are possible if you bring the cellphone to our center with in a hour after water logging.

Motherboard Repairing Service.

Motherboard is carrying the brain and heart of a mobile phone's. So naturally it is the most complex & expensive part of your phone. Most of users decide to buy a new handset rather than replacing the main board.
But wait a minute, RJP ELECTRONICS have a solution, We have spacial tools & techniqus for Mobile phone Motherboard repairing at very cheap rate. Please try our Motherboard repair service for onetime before buying a new cellphone.

Software Installation / Update.

Einstein without his brain is nothing but a simple man, similarly Smartphone without software is nothing but a paper weight.
Timely nourishment of your phone's software is necessary. We RJP ELECTRONICS have firmware developers and experience for application and Android update or software re-installation.



Google Local Guide - Level 2

Excellent Service provider Ratings : 5/5


Mohul Guha

Google Review

Hospitality And Depth of Knowledge regarding a Device is Awesome.... Quality Service within a short time... Just Awsome...



Google Local Guide - Level 4

I have a problem of "Screen Overlay" in my Motorola 3rd Generation phone. That was solved by RJP ELECTRONICS in just 15 minutes. Very satisfied with their service.


Surajit Khara

Google Review

very very very good & best service.


Shubram Pal

Google Local Guide

Excellent and Prompt Service. Highly recommended πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Partha Bhatt

Google Review

Yeah, it's really Good Service I have got from RJP Electronics, They are really Trystworthy.. Thankx a ton....πŸ‘


Anand Mishra

Google Local Guide - Level 4

Satisfied Customer.. πŸ‘ 5 Star Rating.